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  • Improving financial and operational performance for CIOs, CFOs and CEOs
  • Connecting Technology, Business Partners and Cost
  • Early Adopter of Technology Business Management (TBM)
  • IT Financial Management Plus Consulting Service
  • Considered an authority in IT Financial Management Best Practices
  • Successfully implemented Technology Business Management for 4 companies
  • User of Apptio, Tableau, and MS Office


Value-add Financial Management for technology driven companies and IT organizations
What I can do for you:

Independent Expertise
Bring years of experience with no bias; this gives me clarity and the ability to see the big picture while diving into details

Increase Transparency
Leveraging Technology Business Management (TBM) methods to create transparency for the cost IT services, how they are being consumed by the business, benchmarking services and demonstrating value

Create Financial Discipline
Having an internal facing financial process for Technology decisions and development of technology roadmaps

Drive Accountability
Holding business partners accountable for their demand for IT services and holding technology leaders accountable for the cost and quality of the services they provide

Enhance Collaboration
Getting business partners and CFOs involved in the prioritization and approval of Technology requests and projects through governance/portfolio management

Get Adequate Funding
Combining increased financial transparency, accountability and collaboration with a proven budgeting framework for Technology organizations, have mitigated risk and never missed financial targets

Find Cost Savings
Optimizing IT cost by moving to cloud, vendor consolidation and negotiations, labor location strategies, service centralization, standardization and sourcing, application rationalization and improving utilization

Fund Innovation and Growth
Reducing “Run-the-Business” cost allows for more invest in capabilities that will “Grow-the-Business” or allow for innovation and new revenue streams


  1. -
    IT Financial Management Plus, Principle Consultant
  2. -
    Kaiser Permanente, IT Finance
  3. -
    BuyerLink, Internet Start-up
  4. -
    Yahoo!, IT Finance
  5. -
    First Data, IT Finance
  6. -
    TriZetto Group, IT Finance


  • +5%
    Average annual IT Budget increase
  • -25%
    Annual Opex Cost savings at First Data and Yahoo
  • -35%
    Annual Capex Cost savings at Yahoo

What this Means to you

  • tRANSPARANCY & Value
  • Financial Discipline
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Adequate Funding
  • More Funds for innovation
  • IndependEnt Expertise

Questions & Answers

How do I demonstrate the value of IT?
By delivering quality IT services at a great price (Quality + Cost = Value), benchmarking to validate price, holding IT service owner accountable for the price and establishing a business relation management (BRM) function to work with the business.
How do I get my business partners to see that IT cost are not too high?
By demonstrating the cost of the IT services each business is consuming, the impact of business decisions, and holding the business accountable for the demand.
How do I manage business partners demand with limited resources and funding?
By involving the business in the prioritization and decision making through governance or portfolio management process. This will also increase collaboration.
How do I create financial discipline within my team?
By setting an internal financial review process (Decision Support Function) that all technology decisions filter through.
How can I reduce my "Run-the-Business" Cost?
By combining increased financial transparency, accountability, discipline and collaboration with proven cost saving techniques such as moving to the cloud, I can discuss these techniques at a later time.
How can I improve agility and grow revenue?
By reducing the cost to "Run-the-Business, more funds can be spent on innovation and revenue growth.
What tool do I use?
I’m not tied to any tools; this would depend on serval factors such the size of your organization and funding. I have implemented TBM using Apptio and homegrown tools, and there are several portfolio and project management tools.


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